Experience Sharing

Experience sharing is unique because is led by established business owners who have “walked the path”. The sessions are led by quest speakers who share their knowledges for starting businesses, experiences and lessons learned, provide help to find the answers for challenges we are facing with, while providing specific professional advice from a community of entrepreneurs who have faced the same or similar business challenges. This concept is different from the specialized trainings, where the same are performed by consultants, trainers, and coaches.

Experience sharing works in a way that Business groups are formed according to stage of business growth and development in accordance with the Adizes methodology and the same, in our case, start from the Business group phase GROW but also comprises the phase PRO, that is, Business group phase PRO.

The general differences are that GROW phase covers companies with more than 5 employees, over 150K EUR of annual revenues and are older than 1 year on the market, while the PRO phase covers companies with more than 20 employees, over 500K EUR of annual revenues and are older than five years on the market.

The Business groups phase GROW & PRO are programs where combination of services within the Networking Platform and Learning platform is made, that is, experience sharing sessions and therefore they represent unique service in our country.

One of the most successful programs of our organization are successfully implemented 13 generations of the same, which are actually a group of businesses selected for the GROW phase due to their current state of growth and development.

The program includes 8 sessions of accelerated learning process, led by established business founders in a closed environment or circle of trust, limited to 25 participants per group, and everyone has the opportunity to share opinions, ask questions and exchange practices and solutions with each other.

Topics covered in this program are:

  1. Leadership and questions to which every entrepreneur should have an answer to
  2. Preparing the company for growth and development in a period of uncertainty
  3. New trends for effective and repeated sales
  4. Management of human resources which are less and less available
  5. Finances for entrepreneurs and financial dashboard
  6. Financing the development through equity and alternative sources of capital
  7. New channels and innovations for effective marketing
  8. Special topics: Acquisitions, mergers, and business exit strategies

The goal is to enable the entrepreneurs to define their path in the business development of their company: increase sales, build their brand and to organize themselves for the next phase of growth and development on a timely manner. Furthermore, to connect the entrepreneurs with new business contacts that will expand their business network locally and will create new opportunities internationally.

The same is intended for entrepreneurs who quickly progress and are set to manage companies regardless of their complexity and size, founders and managers of young companies, potential successors of family businesses (second generation), former corporative employees who become managers for the first time, but also entrepreneurs who manage large companies but still have the need for further education.

Key points:

  • Requirement is to be a member
  • Led by a quest speaker
  • The guest speaker is always an entrepreneur – someone who have “walked the path”
  • The topics for each Business group are different
  • Limited to 25 members
  • Applicable only for business owners and decision-makers

Our vision is to become the most valuable resource for entrepreneurs in building sustainable and prosperous business environment on the local market, hence the aspiration is constantly, day by day, to change the paradigm among entrepreneurs who aspire to grow into leaders and progress, by investing into community of business founders, to whom we provide the abovementioned platform.  

Learn more about the business group GROW

    Besides previously mentioned business group, within the business group phase PRO the topics differ and are aimed towards entrepreneurs, founders of companies or directors of growing corporations and large family companies who would like to get an insight and tools how to improve organizational efficiency, keep focus on strategy, increase employee’s engagement, professionalize their organization and to be ready for stronger domestic and international growth.

    Topics covered in this program are:

    1. How to manage with strategic changes and set the organization
    2. Organization and analyze of the management team
    3. Strategic management analyze and development of the company and employees
    4. Financial analyze of the company and management of the same through financial indicators
    5. Building of sales organization and setting marketing function and foundations of marketing strategy
    6. Professionalization, Internal communication, internal processes, adjustment to legal regulation and procedures
    7. Employer branding, employees engagement and motivation for the employees and founders as well
    8. Franchise as a business model
    9. Extra topic: can be chosen ad-hoc or upon member needs

    For everyone who has a need, we provide additional support by individual approach, where together with a consultant or a CEED collaborator, we identify the goal and plan for development, and we create individual bond with the entrepreneur and/or the consultant who can help you to make your transition.

    Learn more about the business group PRO

      By joining any of the GROW or PRO groups, you become a member of the great CEED Business Club, that is, community of entrepreneurs.