CEED Македонија за прв пат со БЕСПЛАТЕН пакет за зачленување

free paket

CEED Macedonia is a leading business club in our country with a unique platform for networking and learning.

Since the foundation in 2007, we have been working on education and networking of over 2000 members worldwide, and we are also part of the international network of CEED entrepreneurial centers, operating in 18 countries, on 4 continents.

It is our belief that Only through development and support among the founders can We transform the business climate and inspire a gender equal and entrepreneurially oriented youth.

For this purpose, after 15 years of experience and many lessons learned, we are finally opening the membership for FREE to new companies that meet the criteria and will be formally invited by the Evaluation Committee.

Few months ago, the leadership of the organization has been taken by Filip Dimitrovski, co-founder and owner of several businesses, who together with his Founder’s circle, i.e. the members representing the board of directors who are responsible for defining the strategy, mission and vision of the organization as well as the annual plan of the same, restructured the Business Club, we introduced new products and there will still be new services that will further strengthen the position and dominance of the club in the country and in the region.

The members who are part of the privileged Founder’s circle for now are: Biznis Mreza, Piksel, Brainste и Prilepska Pivarnica .

Criteria for membership is:

  • GROWTH STAGE CEED Business Club is for “scale ups”. Entrepreneurs have found their place in the market, have a product-market fit and are on their way to the next phase of expansion and internationalization. They have a minimum of 5 employees.
  • REVENUES AMOUNT: CEED is looking for entrepreneurs who are building businesses with scalable and potentially innovative and disruptive business models. Companies have a minimum annual income of 150k EUR.
  • OTHER ASPECTS: Duration of the market, Complexity of the organization and the country of origin of the business itself.

Do you think your company meets the criteria listed above and are you interested in learning more about CEED Macedonia?

The free package includes the following services and benefits:

  • 1 on 1 member connection service *
  • Access to Current Business Information
  • Access to Podcast
  • Access to Networking Tips
  • Access to Webinar
  • CEED impact reports

* 1 on 1 member connection service is limited to one (1) time during the year

CEED Macedonia reserves the discretionary right based on the defined criteria to make an objective analysis and decide on the basis of the application for membership.