Specialized Trainings

Specialized trainings are classical trainings led by consultants, lecturers, and certified trainers and the same are competitors on the market, so CEED has decided to offer trainings aimed towards middle management that represents a niche on the market, with an aim to be complementary to what the market offers, but not competitive. The same are of great importance to the large companies with complex organizations, hierarchy, and systematization. Experience sharing is unique on the other side because is led by established business founders who have “walked the path”, but more on that in the next question.

Our vision is to become the most valuable resource for entrepreneurs in building sustainable and prosperous business environment on the local market, hence the aspiration is constantly, day by day, to change the paradigm among entrepreneurs who aspire to grow into leaders and progress, by investing into community of business founders, to whom we provide the abovementioned platform. 

A total of 10 trainings throughout the year are usually planned and realized in approximately 40 events.

Further breakdown

  • Existing and recognized trainings:
    • Middle management 1
    • Middle management 2
    • Middle management 3
    • Management of Sales team
    • Sales
  • New trainings:
    • CEOS
      – applicable for GROW stage as per Adizes methodology
    • LEADER
      – applicable for GROW stage as per Adizes methodology

Key points:

  • It is not a requirement to be a member
  • Recognized and verified trainings
  • Led by consultants, lecturers and certified trainers
  • Limited number of participants up to 30
  • Applicable for managers, specialists, and employees on all levels
  • Of great importance to companies with complex organizations, hierarchy, and systematization


Detailed breakdown of topics per training:

Learning – Middle Management

Specialized trainings – 1

Wake Up

  1. Managerial „tips and tricks “
  2. Role of middle management in the hierarchy
  3. Principles and communication skills for effective training
  4. Active listening and effective questioning


Specialized trainings – 2

Just Do It

  1. Formation of a leadership team
  2. Self-management
  3. Management of managers
  4. Management of third parties

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    Specialized trainings – 3

    Management of Sales Team

    1. Negotiation skills and tools
    2. Effective increment of sales and positive impact on clients
    3. Achieving results by engagement of third parties – evaluation, training, coaching, and consulting
    4. Achieving results by engagement of third parties – delegation


    Specialized trainings – 4


    1. Importance of emotions, ego management, empathy, fear, and stress
    2. Basics of sales, processes and phases and personal sales plan
    3. Sales funnel, sales questions, communication, objections, and response to objections
    4. Recommended sales technique, Cross-Selling, Networking

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      Learning – Top Management

      Specialized trainings – 1


      1. Crisis management and conflicts
      2. Situational leadership
      3. Employer branding & employee engagement
      4. Control and consistency of operational activities


      Specialized trainings – 2


      1. Leading a leadership team, self-motivation for founders and tactics for rewarding the top management
      2. Business intelligence, data science & data analytics
      3. Digitalization + Risks and cyber security
      4. Employer branding & employee management

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